Study Shows Why American’s Don’t Take Vacation

Study Shows Why American’s Don’t Take Vacation

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Are you one of the many U.S. workers who are not using their vacation time? According to a 2014 Vacation Deprivation study released by Expedia, US workers took 14 days off and left one day unused. Expedia’s annual study of vacation habits assessed more than 7,800 employed adults across 24 countries in Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

“Americans are work martyrs,” says the U.S. Travel Association. “Tied to the office, they leave more and more paid time off unused each year, forfeiting their earned benefits and, in essence, work for free.”

With the end of the year quickly approaching, most workers will lose their earned time off simply because some companies have a use it or lose it vacation policy. Overall 54% of Americans feel “very or somewhat” vacation deprived. So, why aren’t we taking vacation?

  • The most popular excuse for not using available vacation days is “work schedule does not allow for it”
  • 19%, expressed a desire to “bank them/carry over to next year”
  • 18% reported “lack of money”
  • 16% reported “difficulty coordinating time

The analysis found significant differences in the ways residents of different countries handle their vacation time. Here are some additional highlights, which provide a good global snapshot:

  • The most work-obsessed travelers were from the UAE, of whom 44% check work email/voicemail at least once a day.
  • 28% of American vacationers “never” check work email or voicemail on vacation, versus 30% who check email/voicemail one or more times per day.
  • When asked how often during a week vacation travelers check work email/voicemail, 14% said once a day, and 11% said multiple times per day. 34% said never. 30% of North American and Asia-Pacific workers checked work email/voicemail one or more times a day, versus 19% of European workers.
  • 63% of German travelers say they “never” check work email or voicemail on break, along with 60% of the Danish and 55% of Swedes and the Dutch.
  • 55% of the World’s Bosses Approve of Workers Taking Vacation Time
  • Surprisingly, 72% of U.S. bosses were seen by their employees as being supportive of vacation.
  • 82% of Norwegian workers say the same of their bosses. France and South Korean bosses were rated as most disapproving, with only 28% of the French and 31% of South Koreans saying their boss is supportive of employees taking their vacation time.

Do you use your entire vacation time? Why or Why not?