Study: Many Data Breach Victims Don’t Fight Back

Study: Many Data-Breach Victims Don’t Fight Back

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Data breaches are becoming more common, yet many consumers are not prepared for the worst. And even when they do happen to become victims, many do nothing about it.

A new study by shows that consumers underestimate the likelihood they will become the victim of a security breach.

The study also shows that consumers are not taking the proper precautions to protect their personal financial information following a security attack.

Says, “48.82 percent said they didn’t check their credit card statements and 45.69 percent [didn’t check] their bank accounts.”

Study findings:

Those who reported being a victim of a data breach said they took the following actions:

– Check credit card statement — 51.18%
– Check credit report — 45.29%
– Check bank account — 54.31%
– Stopped using credit card — 37.84%
– Stopped using debit card — 32.75%
– Signed up for credit monitoring — 24.31%
– Put a credit freeze in place — 24.12%