Career Women More Likely to be Abuse Victims [Study]

Study: Career Women More Likely to be Domestic Abuse Victims

A new study by Cortney Franklin, Ph.D., of Sam Houston State University in Texas, found “when both male and females were employed, the odds of victimization were more than two times higher than when the male was the only breadwinner in the partnership, lending support to the idea female employment may challenge male authority and power in a relationship.”

Franklin tells the Daily Mail: ‘When women are home-bound through their role as domestic workers, they lack connections to co-workers and the social capital that is produced through those connections, in addition to wages, job prestige, resources, and thus, power. … Those women who work outside the home have access to these tangible and intangible assets, which may devalue or, in some cases, even undermine the contributions and provisions supplied by male-only employment.’

The study will be published in the journal Violence Against Women, and was based on telephone interviews with more than 300 women who identified themselves as either currently or recently in a serious romantic relationship.

The women ranged in age from 18-81 and had reported some form of physical or psychological victimization by their partner during the last two years.

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