Judge Demands Stephon Marbury to Finish Mistress Pay-Off

Stephon Marbury Demanded to Finish Mistress Pay-Off

stephon marbury on phoneMost athletes are known to have a mistress or two away from their wife at home, but did you ever think it would cost nearly $1 million to keep the secret?

Seven years ago, former NBA star, Stephon Marbury–who played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks and Boston Celtics–struck a $900,000 please-don’t-tell deal with his now former mistress and personal chef, Thurrayyah Mitchell. After paying approximately $600,000, Marbury stopped making payments in 2010, and Mitchell wasn’t too happy.

According to TMZ, Thurrayyah filed legal documents demanding the rest of her money, but the ex-NBA star said, ‘No,’ claiming her filing was a breach of their “confidentiality deal.” Unfortunately for Marbury, he put the financial agreement in writing, and as of February 1, “the judge sided with Mitchell — and ordered Marbury to pony up the remaining $331,584.50 he owes … plus interest.”