Staples and LinkedIn Create ‘Succeed: Small Business Network’

Staples and LinkedIn Create Small Business Community on Platform

When it comes to social networking sites, LinkedIn is not viewed as one of the most exciting platforms (thanks to the ability to “pin,” “tweet” and “Facebook” nearly any aspect of life), but it is definitely one web-based network you should invest your time in. In fact, there’s a bevy of functions that are raising the stakes, allowing professionals to stay connected with others in and outside of their spheres of influence, access applications and remain up to date on the latest career-related news. Mashable outlines five capabilities you should familiarize yourself with and maximize on LinkedIn:

Premier office product company Staples has teamed up with LinkedIn to launch an online forum, Succeed: Small Business Network. Succeed, which debuted earlier this month, provides small business professionals with the opportunity to network, share advice and stay abreast of the latest in entrepreneurship.

In a space specifically geared toward entrepreneurs, the second largest internet retailer will offer content in various forms such as a small-business oriented Special Edition of LinkedIn Today, an editorial platform that aggregates and generates targeted news from one million publishers across the web. In addition, small business owners are just one click away from trading success stories, insight from industry experts via profiles, insightful Q&As, weekly polls, and signature events.

And Succeed will ensure that results are being measured. Staples will allow group administrators to monitor engagement and activity within the forum.  “We’ve made it easy for group administrators to track the effectiveness of their efforts with our follower insights page,” said a Staples spokesperson.  “Administrators can quickly understand the demographics, growth, and engagement of their company followers through tools available on the group page.”

With over 6,000 members, small businesses can maximize their participation in this online community by posing a question to the group or providing personal commentary to encourage more dialogue, according to the spokesperson, who also adds that “members should feel free to seek solutions to specific challenges. Asking direct questions enables better conversations and engagement.”

To join Succeed, visit .