Gift Guide: For The Professional In Your Life

Spring Affair

All photos by Lonnie C. Major

For Your Wardrobe
Python is one of the most stylishly diverse leathers available and nobody demonstrates that better than African American handbag designer Christopher Augmon ( His selections this spring include a variety of statements for professionals: computer case $1,400; belt $675; cuff $150;  and clutch $499.

For Your Coffee Table
Books that celebrate beauty and the ultimate in professional decorum: Commander in Chic: Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady (Atria Books; $26.99) by Mikki Taylor offers more than commentary on Michelle Obama’s wardrobe. It offers tips for women who might aspire to her level of style. Inspiration: Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World (Harry N. Abrams; $40) by Crystal McCrary Anthony and Nathan Hale examines achievements by women–many you know and others you should–in a broad range of industries.

For Your Professional–or Social–Profile
Send a case of your own wine to clients or order it in your favorite restaurant. creates a brand new experience for wine lovers by pairing you with expert vintners to develop a line that meets more than 30 possible specifications, including fermentation technique and labeling. Clients can be as involved as they have time or interest; you can de-stem and crush grapes and/or press wine into the barrel. You can even host a wine release party at one of the California wineries. A custom barrel of 25 cases ranges from $5,700 to $10,900.’

For Your Guests
Regarded as one of the finest brands on the market, Camacho’s Triple Maduro ( elevates its standing by offering not only a classic presentation, but it is the first cigar to use 100% maduro tobacco for the wrapper, binder, and filler. Full-bodied and bold in flavor, this Honduran stogie makes an impressive showing for friends and colleagues. Approximately $250 a box.

All photos by Lonnie C. Major