Spending Wisely on Small Business Saturday

Spending Wisely on Small Business Saturday

Cash Mobs Support Small Businesses

Cash Mobs Support Small BusinessesThe election season has exposed a bunch of corporate, chain businesses who’ve decided that because they disagree with the current administration they’re going to punish their employees. Large chains like Papa John’s Pizza has decided to reduce employee hours because they feel that they can’t “sustain” with the Affordable Care Act set to take place in the new year.

As if.

So, if some of the big chains are trying their hardest to act like brats, what better time than now to support local businesses in your area?

The weekend of Black Friday is the perfect time to flex spending muscle at neighborhood locales. Saturday, November 24, 2012 is the third annual small business Saturday. American Express has partnered with Women Impacting Public Policy to encourage consumer to shop at local businesses via the holiday.

Last year, Americans spent nearly $52.4 billion on Black Friday, the economic holiday where consumers shop for gifts and presents at discounted prices. Legislators hope that the wealth will be distributed among small business owners — the engine of the economy according to both President and his former challenger.

More than 159 organizations have signed up to participate and bring awareness of the value of small enterprises.  For more information on how your small business can get involved, click here.