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Soul to Sole, Stepping Into Destiny Part II

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Soul to Sole

During our interview, one thing that really stood out to me was hearing Tiannia describe how she juggles her incredibly packed schedule. She is nothing short of a modern day superwoman, and that is exactly who she keeps in mind when she designs. Barnes considers other women who do it all because she can directly relate.

She has a 12-year-old son who she delights in, and a long list of other responsibilities. Additionally, she travels back and forth between three states each week; New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, and does it with such ease and grace. She attributes her ability to effectively balance her schedule, because of her strong discipline and faith.

Barnes also feels incredibly “blessed to have discovered her passion and purpose,” because she understands that not everyone is as fortunate. As a result, she is wholly committed to walking out her mission.

Her sheer “passion” is in fact, the very driving force that keeps her going in the midnight hours when others are fast asleep. Barnes understands the significance in building her brand, acknowledging the impact that it can have. She is “one of few African American shoe designers within her price point.” Thus, she realizes that her cushy new venture has the capacity to transform a traditionally, European-dominated industry in a major way. She believes that “more diversity within the high-end shoe industry is needed,” and is thrilled to help pave the way. Her signature line is a mix of classy, chic, bold, and colorful pumps, French t-straps and flats. It is sophisticated and designed so impeccably well that is destined to “inspire” all those who wear them. She is the sole designer of her brand and is “incredibly hands-on in the manufacturing and distribution process.”

Barnes takes a number of trips to Italy, “to ensure the line’s quality assurance,” and has a great relationship with her Italian-based supply chain and logistics company, who also has distribution centers in New York. She believes that only now is she able to “freely be exactly who she was created to be,” and is determined more than ever, to encourage others to do the same. In an effort to further reinforce this concept, she has decided to name her upcoming fall/winter, 2016/2017 line, “Freedom.”

Stepping Into Destiny

Barnes took the leap of faith into the world of high fashion when she designed this line. Her goal is “to provide others an opportunity to own a reasonably priced pair of Italian-crafted shoes,” created by a minority businesswoman. Her shoes are a walking testimony of her faith, dedication, and drive. From soul to sole, this impassioned engineer, shoe designer and loving mother is sure to leave her footprint in history. I met this fashionista many years ago at Clark Atlanta University, so it is no surprise to me what she has accomplished! Will you join Barnes by stepping into your destiny today?

Barnes’ final thoughts also included some advice to aspiring entrepreneurs;”1. Write your plan down. 2. Create actionable goals. 3. Take steps daily to get you closer to those goals, and 4. Be flexible and open to the path changing a bit along the way. She also suggests networking and sharing what you do with others, to get the help you need to progress.”

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Barnes’s story and passion immediately come through in all of her designs, inspiring us for a lifetime. For more information about Tiannia Barnes and her exquisite line, visit