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Somehow, the Word ‘Crowd’ Doesn’t Quite Say It

Did I say there was a crowd at the Greenbelt, Md., Metro station this morning? I stand corrected. That was a cozy little gathering of several hundred people.

It’s been three hours since arriving at that station this morning. The Green Line train we finally boarded paused for us to disembark two stations beyond our intended stop, allowing us to join a massive exodus toward the Capitol Building. Roughly 35 minutes after leaving the Metro, I am finally in a “line” with a few thousand of my fellow Americans at the Blue Gate to go through security screening. Somehow, the word “crowd” no longer cuts it.

This is the largest gathering of humanity that I’ve ever been a part of. And that includes the 20th Anniversary March on Washington and the original Million Man March.

I’ve taken six whole steps since I began writing this post. I’m just praying that I get to the seat assignment indicated on my press pass before the 56th Presidential Inauguration takes place about 90 minutes from now. After all, that is why we’re all here, isn’t it? (Okay, I’d also like to see Aretha Franklin.)

Wait. We just took four steps in a row. Gotta go.

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