U.K. Company, Allow, Offers Social Media Hacking Insurance

Company Offers Social Media Hacking Insurance

From the Root.

Ever get frustrated when one of your Facebook friends tags you in a random sneaker picture without your authorization? Well, more than likely his or her Facebook account has been hacked and, thankfully, now there’s insurance for that.

Allow, a privacy company based in the United Kingdom, is offering services to protect clients from Internet hackers that infiltrate popular social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

For about $7 in U.S. currency, Allow protects social networks and personal information from hackers and provides legal advice to clients who are attacked online and would like to sue. The company reportedly covers subscribers up to $16,000 in professional fees and ancillary costs. Insurance will also disable accounts that are hacked and will update clients on how their personal information is used. Allow also stops junk mail and prevents data mining on other online sites.

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