5 Social Media Habits That Will Get You Unfollowed

5 Social Media Habits That Will Get You Unfollowed

It’s hard work getting new followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among many other social networking sites, but so easy to lose them. It could be anything. Maybe you’re tweeting way too many off-brand messages (i.e. “The gelato I had was amazing,” and you represent a fitness company); posting unwarranted political rants on Facebook, or simply spamming your followers. Take a closer look and you realize

Here, The Daily Muse lists five habits to avoid on your social media platforms:

Don’t Overload Your Community

Although you might be excited about posting that folder of pictures from a company event, or a series of inspirational quotes, keep in mind who your intended audience. There’s nothing wrong with an inspirational quote to kick the day off, but an onslaught of that sort of messaging throughout the day will likely confuse or annoy your followers, which may result in an instant unfollow. You don’t want to ever flood your followers’ News Feed.

Try to stay within the following number of posts, The Daily Muse advises:

  • Facebook: 1-2
  • Twitter: 4-7
  • Tumblr: 1-4
  • Instagram: 1-4
  • Google+: 1-5

Promote Your Product, But Turn Down the Sales Pitch

Post compelling, relevant content that makes your followers want to continue engaging with your brand. You can do this with industry-related how-tos, Instagram video snippets with staffers and giveaways.

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