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Social Media Connection: Adrienne Graham, Empower Me! Corp.

This week's Social Media Connection is Adrienne Graham, founder and CEO of Empower Me! Corporation, a media, publishing and professional development company. She is the voice behind Views From the Top Radio Show and the creator of Empower Me! Networks, Empower Me Institute, Empower Me! (formerly Fearless Woman) magazine, Next Level Business Coaching Program, Empowered Woman TV, the Power Brok(H)er™ Club, and Empower Me! Radio. A 17-year recruiting veteran, Graham is also CEO of Hues Consulting & Management, Inc., a diversity recruitment, recruiter training and employment branding consulting firm. She is also author of the book Go Ahead, Talk to Strangers, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fearless Networking, as well as two blogs: Corporate Recruiting Diva and Empowered Career Woman. In her own words, Graham (shown here with her "junior partner" Jose) shares how she uses social media to achieve her goals.