6 Essential Skills Necessary for Success But Not Taught in School

6 Essential Skills Necessary for Success But Not Taught in School

(Image: iStock/Wavebreakmedia)


(Image: iStock/Wavebreakmedia)


If you’re ready for next level success, you’ll have to master a few essential skills you probably didn’t learn in school. Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, make a commitment to life-long learning and put yourself in a position to win with the skills below:

  1. Negotiation– Beyond negotiating salary and benefits, be prepared to communicate your point of view, persuade someone to take a new course of action, tailor your argument to the decision makers, and close deals on behalf of employees or an entire organization.
  2. Creative Thinking – From problem-solving and spotting trends to developing disruptive ideas, your ability to assess situations from a variety of perspectives is an asset to any field.
  3. Self-awareness– As you climb the ladder of success, knowing your self-worth, recognizing your emotions and how people perceive you, and seeing things from other people’s perspectives will help you stand out from the crowd as a leader.
  4. Networking – From mentors guiding your career development to sponsors advocating on your behalf, building partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships are critical for career advancement.
  5. Time Management– Your success is determined by your daily habits so spend your time wisely. Learn to eliminate distractions and get insanely focused on what’s really important.
  6. Risk Taking– Just as an entrepreneur owns a business, employees must take full ownership of their career. This includes making decisions without the approval of others, failing forward and taking on projects outside of your defined role. Simply put, stop waiting for others to validate your readiness.

Are you ready to level up in your career? If so, online learning sites like Udemy and Creative Live, offer a variety of low-cost training taught by real-world experts to help you improve your skills.