All Work and No Play: 5 Signs You're a Workaholic

All Play: Ain’t Nothing Going on But the … Work?

What’s hard work without truly enjoying the fruits of your labor? Some professionals know nothing about that and will work their fingers to the bone without really stopping to smell the roses. They might even be so busy working that they don’t even know they’re doing the most, and unfortunately, it takes a major health scare or meltdown for them to truly take a break.

Check out these signs, from Madame Noire contributor Tanvier Pert, to find out whether you’re a go-getter or a relentless workaholic. If you fit any of these characteristics or habits, it may be time to schedule that much-needed vacation before burn-out hits and totally ruins your life:

1. Bring your work home.

2. Work longer than scheduled.

3. You sleep with your phone more than your love.

4. Go to work when you don’t have to.

5. You sleep in your suit.