Seven High-Tech Gadgets to Spruce Up Your Thanksgiving

Seven High-Tech Gadgets to Spruce Up Your Thanksgiving

fitbit charge

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and families are traveling far and wide to feast on delicious turkey and pumpkin pie. But you know your uncle doesn't want a watered down glass of scotch, and your sister isn't a big fan of your choice of music.

So how do you satisfy the rest of your family without going insane? Maybe get some new toys. How about impressing your folks with a perfect ice cube made through science? Or setting the mood with lighting that mimics any color you like, all from your smartphone?

Black Enterprise has the perfect list of everything you'll need to make Thanksgiving run a little more smoothly.

Fitbit Charge


Thanksgiving is a time for sharing delicious food with family and friends. And while diets may end up compromised, it doesn’t mean you can’t get back on the horse and ride it to a more active lifestyle. The Fitbit Charge tracks your activities like a normal fitness band, but also tracks your sleep, making it a pretty reliable wearable, day and night.