Self–Love: The Foundation for Implementing Your Dreams

Self–Love: The Foundation for Implementing Your Dreams

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Knowing how to love yourself is very important. Self-love is the foundation of our well-being, happiness, self-motivation, joy, contentment, stability, and our ability to create and enjoy the kind of life that we want. We cannot be content and happy, if we are not at peace with ourselves and in love with who God made us to be.

Once we turn our attention inward, we are then able to experience a spiritual connection with ourselves and God. When we experience ourselves as “spirit,” or  “one with God,” then we can begin to discover that we are love because God is also love; if we are Christians or God-like, then we are love as well.

Self-Love Starts at the Beginning

According to, self-love develops early on in life. Parents or caretakers are responsible for showing unconditional love and providing positive reinforcement to their children. Self-love also develops through early relationships with siblings and peers. It is often measured via one’s achievements or capabilities, and it is relative to our sense of commitment, purpose, and motivation in life. If a child is damaged by feelings of insignificance or lack of self-worth, this can set that person up for a lifetime of emotional damage. Thus, it is crucial that these individuals overcome their emotional issues while they are still relatively young.

There are many benefits of loving yourself and having a strong sense of self-love. Love is essential to your being. If that is missing, it could impede your desire to chase your own dreams, as opposed to the dreams of others. Loving yourself can empower you to accept what is truly right for you. If you love yourself, you will feel happy, valuable, and your confidence will grow. However, if you feel as though you don’t deserve anything wonderful, you will not allow anything wonderful to enter your life. 

“I Deserve Wonderful Blessings”

Self-love also enables the ability to begin accepting ourselves for who we are in Christ. You will carry yourself with greater self-esteem and self-worth, after accepting who you really are and embracing your authentic self. When one believes that they are entitled to greatness, purpose, and wonderful blessings, they demand it and ultimately receive it.

The more you love yourself, the more independent you will become. You won’t need to look for love in someone else, because the love you will be able to provide yourself with will be all you need to feel whole. Then, you can begin to really follow your own path, dreams, and goals, as opposed to following the dreams of others. Best of all, when you can love yourself, your inner and outer being is able to transmit that happiness and joy to those around you.

So remember, you are unique and wonderfully made–that in itself is a blessing.




This article was written by The BOSS Network Influencer, Sandra Brown. Brown is a speaker, life coach and author of A Message of Love. She is the mother of two sons, Shannon and Sterling Brown, who play professional and college basketball. 

Ms. Brown focuses on community development, empowerment, and mentoring.  She has a bachelor’s of business administration-management, with a minor in entrepreneurship. She has a passion for sharing her faith, and inspiring and encouraging others through this journey in life.

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