How to Drive Savings Back to Your Wallet at the Gasoline Pump

How to Drive Savings Back to Your Wallet at the Pump

man holding gasoline pump in suitNow that the holiday season is over gas prices are beginning to creep back up. According to AAA, gas has crept up only .04 cents to the gallon since last month, but analysts predict that fuel prices will increase although they will not reach the $3.60 high in 2012. Reducing fuel costs is a great way to keep financially fit in the new year.

Here are some ways to achieve that goal:

1. Adjust Route: Sitting in traffic is not only a bummer, it’s a gas guzzler. Try to avoid driving when traffic is heaviest and choose a route that has fewer cars, or wake up a little earlier or leave work a little later (if possible) to avoid the stop-and-go shuffle.

2. Check Tire Pressure: Find the owners manual to your vehicle and look at the recommended tire pressure. You could save big bucks by keeping your tires properly inflated. Buy a tire gauge at any convenience or auto parts store regularly to increase fuel efficiency.

3. Use Apps: Technology has simplified life in myriad ways. One of the best are the gas apps like GasBuddy, which locate the closest gas locations and with price and driving distance information. These apps are especially useful when traveling in unfamiliar territory.

4. Ease Up on the Pedal: Mashing on the gas is a sure fire way to burn fuel fast, and it puts the driver at risk of being stopped by police. Obey the speed limit to save on gas and to avoid paying speeding tickets.