Romney: Nominating Trump Would Give Hillary the White House

Romney: Nominating Trump Would Give Hillary the White House


The following was written by John Burnett:

This year’s presidential race is less predictable than volatile oil prices and the stock market.

Again, the 2016 race to the White House has taken a pivotal turn. The Republican Party must navigate through political challenges during the primary season to help ensure the right course for a winning destination this November.

Hence, the party recalculated its route and concluded that it may need a new driver to avoid a fatal collision in the general election.

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Former presidential Republican nominee, Mitt Romney is one of the party’s political insurance policies that provided coverage by denouncing businessman Donald Trump in a nationally broadcast speech yesterday.

Although Trump unequivocally endorsed Romney in the 2012 presidential race, Romney did not reciprocate the support. Conversely, Romney was strikingly assertive on the renewed campaign trail for Sen. Marco Rubio by leveling his barrage of mocking attacks at Trump.

Romney repeatedly dismissed Trump as a “con man” and highlighted some of Trump’s numerous business failures in industries outside of real estate ventures; such as, Trump Airlines, Trump University, Trump Magazine, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks and Trump Mortgage. He also highlighted Trump’s numerous bankruptcies resulting from bad commercial business and real estate deals to include casinos.

He added that many of these undertakings crushed small businesses and adversely impacted the men and woman that worked for them.

He didn’t stop there. Romney seized on a recent racially-charged controversy that Trump ignited when he refused to disavow David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, during an interview with CNN. Trump sought to clarify his position hours after the interview but to no avail.

But wait, there’s more. Romney added that Trump immigration talk is just that — talk — and that Trump should give The New York Times permission to release a tape that allegedly reveals Trump’s clandestine plan to do nothing on immigration reform.

As if that weren’t enough, Romney made it clear that Trump’s domestic policies lack specificity and would greatly diminish America’s prosperous future by sinking the economy into a recession. How so? By instigating a trade war with China that would consequently send even more jobs overseas and encourage more corporate inversions, while creating more hostility. Romney added that Trump’s foreign policies would make America and the world unsafe.

But is his effort too late?

Perhaps, had Romney repudiated Trump two weeks before Super Tuesday it would have been more timely and halted Trump from winning 7 of 11 primary victories. Nevertheless, it is a strong statement that reflects the Republican establishment’s discontentment with Trump’s rhetoric, his pursuit to win the nomination, and now the trend toward wedging a racial divide in the general election.

It remains to be seen if the current attacks will slow Trump down or embolden his candidacy. Regardless, Romney made his opinion very clear by stating that Trump is a “con man” and that his promises are as worthless as a degree from the failed Trump University. Moreover, that Trump would be a disaster for the party and the country if he were the Republican nominee.

However, perhaps Romney’s most significant statement is that a Trump nomination would deliver Hillary Clinton the White House.

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