Rep. Joe Walsh Delivers His Dream for Black America

Rep. Joe Walsh Wants His “Dream” For Black America to Be Realized

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be newsNot everyone was pleased by the strides that Black America has made in the 50 years since the March on Washington. Former Rep. Joe Walsh published his “dream” for Black America which read more like a tirade.

Here’s an excerpt from his rant:

In the build-up to this momentous occasion, many people have invoked King’s legacy to promote their own various causes. Yesterday, President Obama was asked by morning radio host Tom Joyner what King would think of Obamacare. The president quickly responded that King, “would like it.” While our commander-in-chief usurped King’s dream to selfishly promote his own legacy, our country’s race-baiter-in-chief, Rev. Al Sharpton is using this week to push back against the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling to strike down parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Of all the commentators who have been  asking whether King’s dream has been achieved, FOX News’ Juan Williams seems to be the only one with whom I agree. When asked by Chris Wallace if the dream has been fulfilled, Williams noted that there isn’t, “any question that [African Americans] have come along way,” before importantly pointing out that blacks have to address the problems that are created within their communities. “I think that if you look at the realities of today, you’ve got to talk about things like family breakdown,” Williams said. “You’ve got to talk about the fact that 70 percent of black children today are born out of wedlock. I think Dr. King would cry.”

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