Recruiters: 7 Good Reasons You Aren't Finding Quality Candidates

Recruiters: 7 Good Reasons You Aren’t Finding Quality Candidates

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

It can be a hard job trying to fill a position with a quality candidate who will not only take the job but stay at the company. Recruiters and HR professionals today are tasked with finding top talent in a job market where many recent grads face unemployment or underemployment, or are seen as ill-prepared to take on today’s business world.

But despite the challenges, companies depend on recruiters and HR professionals to seal the deal and get talent in the door. If you’re finding it to be more difficult than ever to do that, here are a few good reasons, according to Ashley Mosley, community eEngagement manager at InternMatch, you’re losing out:

1. You don’t have a strategy, or the one you do have is poor.

2. You’re just not connecting.

3. You aren’t showing them what you’re made of.

4. You haven’t spread the word.

5.You’re not leaving your mark with something extra.

6. You have no idea what your competitors are doing.

7. You never follow up.

If any of the above applies to you, it’s best to find innovative ways to turn things around, improving on your tactics to ensure that exemplary talent want to work for your company or the company you’re filling positions for.