[RECAP] Twitter Chat: The NBA All Stars: The Next Generation and The Future

[RECAP] Twitter Chat: NBA All Stars—The Next Generation and The Future

(File: Twitter)

On Monday Dec. 22 at 1 p.m. EST, Black Enterprise held a Twitter chat on the NBA, discussing the top players in the industry along with other hot topics with special guests, Black Enterprise’s special sports-focused platform, BE Sports Biz. and The Shadow League, a leading site offering journalistically sound sports coverage with a cultural perspective.

The discussion centered on the NBA All Stars, issues in the league and players’ bankability. One major topic in the conversation included the question of whether athletes are truly seeing the benefits of a sports business worth more than $60 billion, and it still isn’t clear if athletes profit from the actual business of sports. While they are providing the work, they are the product. The #SportsBiz Twitter chats will be held every month going forward, so be sure to follow the stream if you missed out on this one.

Check out highlights from BE Sports Biz, The Shadow League, and other participants below: