[RECAP] New Faces of Wealth Twitter Chat

[RECAP] New Faces of Wealth Twitter Chat

(Image: Twitter)

On Tuesday, Aug. 25, the New Faces of Wealth: Financial Planning for a Lifetime Twitter chat, Part 3, took place. The discussion, sponsored by Prudential and hosted by Black Enterprise, featured Alfred A. Edmond Jr., SVP/CCO of Black Enterprise, who shared his perspective on blacks and finances.

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Edmond gave advice on how one can educate their children about money, in addition to providing several steps millennials can take to create wealth, in spite of student loans. Towards the end of the chat, he advised, “Begin finance education as soon as your child can count and asks for things. We must also make financial education a priority in our houses, churches, and communities.

In case you missed the dynamic discussion, be sure to check out the recap below, and tune in for Part 4.