Randal Pinkett and Lynnette Khalfani-Cox Join Financial Freedom Conference

Randal Pinkett and Lynnette Khalfani-Cox Join Financial Freedom Conference

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The Rev. Dr. DeForest Soaries of New Jersey’s First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens knows the necessity in bringing people together to share knowledge. Clear on America’s churches being the cornerstone of the black community. And knowing how a congregation’s collected money can be the financial strength needed to make a difference, Rev. Soaries challenged his congregation to help lighten financial burdens by putting $1 million down. Backed by the believe that debt stunts growth—spiritual, psychological and emotional — the healthy effects of Soaries’ challenge spread across the nation hitting 23 states and 200 congregations all adopting his challenge and goal of reducing debt.  Expanding on this platform, Dr. Soaries began the dfree® Financial Freedom Conference two years ago, with this year’s third annual taking place Nov. 6 to Nov. 8 in Somerset New Jersey at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens.

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This year, like those of past, Soaries will bless attendees by bringing some of the nation’s best in financial advice, like Randal Pinkett, Chairman & CEO of BCT Partners; Mark Hug, Executive VP of Product and Marketing at Prudential Life Insurance; Benjamin Robinson, Chief Administration Officer at Prudential Annuities; and Lynette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach/Personal Finance Expert who’s been a contributor to Black Enterprise. Coming with a Christian based focus, other event highlights include performances by gospel artists Smokie Norful, Kathy Taylor, and Rev. Stef & Jubiliation.

The author of dfree®: Breaking Free from Financial Slavery, and an accompanying workbook titled, dfree® Lifestyle: 12 steps to Financial Freedom, Soaries’ Financial Freedom Conference stems from the program, dfree®. Created in 2010, dfree® is all about empowerment and education by giving those who attend the conference a different outlook on finances and the behaviors around them.

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Using an interactive approach, attendees take ownership and have power over their money present and  future. Described as a “transformational, lifestyle movement,” participants face debt directly with value based principles that encourage healthy money habits leading to savings, insurance, and investments.

With Soaries’ third conference running in partnership with Prudential Insurance, this fall, the reverend doctor is on a powerful mission to empower and uplift every financial step of the way.

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