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Pumping Up Web Traffic


The hyperlink is still the lifeblood of the Web. When you see some interesting content on the Web, chances are you’re going to pass the link on to others you think will enjoy it as much as you. And passing it on can be done these days via e-mail, instant message, blog, social site, e-book, and so on. It’s how search engines guide us to content we want or need when we type a certain word or phrase into them. It’s also why businesses spend a great deal of time and money attempting to get links to their site at the top of search results pages.

But all links are not created equal. A link from a highly respected site could improve your site’s credibility, but might not drive as much quality traffic as a link from a lesser known blog site. Or a link on a page with a high number of other links may diminish the importance of your link. So it’s important to figure out a way to increase the number of links that will drive worthy traffic your way. Here are a few easy ways that can help you build productive links:

  • Create Good Content
    Nothing drives interest more than interesting content. There’s a ton of content on the Web, and it’s growing exponentially as tools make it easier and faster to pump it out. But that doesn’t mean it’s any good. There’s probably more junk on the Web than in the average person’s inbox, which is truly saying something. So it’s important to focus on creating compelling, captivating content because it will really rise to the top—even on the Web. This also applies to video, audio, and other creative forms in addition to traditional HTML, Portable Document Format (PDF), and PowerPoint.
  • Choose Names and Tags Carefully
    Even before you write a blog post, spend some time coming up with a title that will make people want to at least read the first paragraph. The importance of a good title can’t be overstated because it might be the only thing people see before making a decision to check it out. And if the title doesn’t pique their interest, the chances of them reading any further are diminished—which in turn means that they certainly won’t pass the link around, boosting your Web traffic. In addition to coming up with a thought-provoking title, take time to tag it with appropriate keywords. This also increases the likelihood of reaching the right audience online.
  • Link to Respectable Sites
    When someone links to your site it’s like they are vouching for you. They are putting their hard earned credibility on the line for you just with the simple act of adding that link. And you probably have a few ideas of who you’d love to have link to you, because you may have learned something from them by reading their blog or using their product. Why not link to the sites that you respect and appreciate?