Get Connected in the New Year: 5 Professional Networks for Black Women

Get Connected in the New Year: 5 Professional Networks for Black Women

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Network, network, network. It’s probably one of the most said words among professionals. Whether you’re on the hunt for next-level career opportunities, or bringing in new power partners at your current job, networking is an absolute must. Expanding your contacts is incredibly important for professional women, especially those of color. According to, “Women of color occupy only 11.9 percent of managerial and professional positions. And of those women, 5.3 percent are African American…” In networking, however, we create opportunity to improve those disproportionate numbers by building systems of support where we are more inclined to look out for each other professionally. Debra Langford, associate director of diversity programs at USC Marshall School of Business, told, “When I have made career transitions, it was because my network believed I could do it.” She said, “They helped me move up and helped me strive. I had my network’s support.” As you ring in the new year and set your resolutions, make broadening your rolodex of professional peers one of them. Attend conferences and events related to your line of work, and join an association or two where you can meet other upward moving individuals. Check out these professional networks for black women to get the ball rolling.