How Your Professional Look Can Affect Success

Looking Like a Bag of Money: Can the Way You Dress Affect Your Career?

(Image: Thinkstock)

Remember the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”? While we would like to apply that rule to most aspects of life, it just doesn’t generally apply in the office or at an interview. The clothes you wear  to work can negatively or positively affect how he or she is perceived by superiors, coworkers, clients and customers.

While your talent and hard work is what you want to be known for, dressing properly can help you command respect in the workplace (which is imperative for a young, fresh-faced employee).

The Switch: As a college student, the only times you might have been inspired to dress up were either for an interview, a night out or to impress someone on campus. Now that you’re working a regular 9-5, it’s important to recognize the switch in wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to dust off the old ironing board and save the jeans for casual Fridays.

When You Look Good, You Feel Good: When your ‘fit game is clean, neat and professional (Ladies think Taraji P. Henson in Think Like A Man, and fellas think T.I. in Takers) it will show that you have confidence in your abilities and that you take pride in yourself and your job.

If You Want to a Boss, You Must Dress Like One: According to a survey, 41% of employers said that employees who dress better or more professionally tend to be promoted more often than others in their organization.

So while it’s true that clothes don’t make the man, it can make a difference in your career!