10 Products That Disappeared From the Market in 2012

10 Products That Have Virtually Expired in 2012

(Image: Apple)
(Image: Apple)

When it comes to tech gadgets, there comes a time when your beloved (or not so favorite) item reaches “End of Life” status. It’s inevitable with innovative products hitting the market regularly; as quickly as they hit the market, they can become obsolete.

From the Apple iPad 3 to the Motorola Webtop, Mashable highlights 10 products that have disappeared from store shelves in the last 12 months:

Apple White Macbook

“Although actually discontinued in 2011, 2012 was the year the white MacBook got the official ‘End of Life’ status. Popular with students, the white MacBook had been the budget option for Apple users since 2006,” writes Mashable’s Amy-Mae Elliott.

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