Tips for Handwriting Post Interview Thank You Notes

Post Interview Etiquette: 5 Tips for Handwriting Proper Thank You Notes

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Handwritten thank you notes and using snail mail may seem like an ancient practice of the past to millennials but, when it comes to standing out after a job interview, you may want to consider resurrecting your old school ink pen and jotting down a proper “thank you,” in effort to impress execs and HR.

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Patricia Rossi, a business etiquette coach and author of Everyday Etiquette: How to Navigate 101 Common and Uncommon Social Situations, told professional women’s website,, “Whoever goes out of their way to hand-write a note will likely make an impact on the employer and be seen as someone ‘who goes the extra mile’”.

But what’s the key to writing an outstanding thank you note? Rossi answers the big deal thank you note questions via

What if I have really bad handwriting? Does that mean I shouldn’t write a thank-you note after all?

All handwriting skill-levels are welcome. “The number one hedge I get across the board is, ‘My handwriting stinks.’ So does the rest of the world’s!” says Rossi. “Print, print, print as legibly as possible. People love to get a thank-you note no matter what the handwriting looks like. It’s very authentic and personalized.”

Since a thank-you note via snail mail might take a while to get there, should I send a thank-you e-mail, too?

Double-up, says Rossi. Email a thank-you message, and mail a handwritten note within a day or so after the interview. “The sooner the message is received, the greater impact it will have,” Rossi adds.

What about the design of the card? Is it safer to stick with something simple, or should I go with something that shows off my personality?

Depends on your industry. “If you’re interviewing for a creative field, then it can be more colorful,” Rossi says. A graphic designer, for instance, may like a thank-you note with more visual impact. For a conservative field, like banking, however, Rossi says it’s best to stick with something simple.

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