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Poll: Half Of White Voters Would Cast Their Ballot For Trump

President Donald J. Trump (Image: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo)

A new poll showed half of all white voters would cast their ballots to re-elect Donald Trump if Election Day was held today.

According to NewsOne, the Hill-HarrisX poll casts some doubt behind the growing white allyship displayed in the protests and marches in support of police reform following George Floyd’s and Breonna Taylor‘s deaths.

The poll did find if Election Day were today, Trump would not be the choice of 50% of white voters. That would be fewer than what Trump saw in the 2016 election, when he received 59% of the white vote.

The poll’s sample size of 2,850 registered voters is not large and most likely doesn’t offer a complete picture of where all voters stand today. However, the election is still up for grabs. Historian Allan Lichtman, whose election system has accurately called every presidential victor, from Ronald Reagan in ’84 to Trump in 2016, predicted Democratic nominee Joe Biden would win the election but by a slim margin.

Biden has seen his double-digit lead shrink in recent weeks, but even more concerning is that Biden has less support among Black voters at this stage of the election than Hillary Clinton did four years ago according to a CNN analysis of “well more than 1,000 interviews” with Black voters.

Trump is closing in on Biden despite his oft-reported misunderstanding and mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and his fight against the Black Lives Matter movement. Trump also out-raised Biden in the month of July.

Since the summer and the Black Lives Matter protests began, it seemed white Americans had a racial awakening the likes of which they’d never experienced before. The horrific footage of Floyd’s killing sent many white Americans outside to join and even organize protests.

The poll also comes at a time where many are still waiting for Biden to pick his vice president. According to Fox News, Biden has narrowed his list to Democratic policy adviser Susan Rice and California Sen. Kamala Harris. Choosing a Black woman could boost Biden’s prospects with Black Americans and people of color.