Harlem Mom Petitions Mattel for More Black Barbie Swag

Harlem Mom Petitions Mattel for Black Barbie Swag

Source: Jezebel
Source: Jezebel

When Harlem mother Karen Braithwaite went hunting for party supplies for the “Black Barbie” theme party her daughter wanted for her 5th birthday, she couldn’t find anything.

Although Mattel offers diverse Barbie dolls, she couldn’t find the cups, tablecloths, napkins, banners and decorations she needed for her daughter’s party.

So now, Braithwaite, has started an online petition on Change.org, calling for Mattel to offer a better range of Barbie accessories.

“Even though it seems like a small thing, featuring the white Barbie so prominently on the banners, cups, napkins, plates, party favors, and invitations, while relegating the ‘ethnic’ Barbies to near-invisible cameos sends a clear–and troubling–message to young girls,” the petition reads.

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