Paycheck-to-Paycheck Living Reaches Recession-Era Low

Paycheck-to-Paycheck Living Reaches Recession-Era Low

$640 million...

Could fund the entire angel rounds for 577 tech startups. In 2011, the average angel round—which secures capital for a startup, usually from individuals investing their own money—was $1.11 million.

From Yahoo Finance

The Great Recession may have officially ended in 2009 but its effects are still being felt in 2012. A recent CareerBuilder survey shows that 40%, or two-thirds, of the 3800 full-time workers assessed are still relying on their next paycheck to pay off their bills. The good news, however, is this is slightly lower than the 46% of job holders who were living paycheck to paycheck in 2008.

Overall, the study shows that full-time workers are feeling more optimistic, and are better able to pay off their debts.

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