Hate Your Job? Quit...But Not Before You Read This

Hate Your Job? Quit…But Not Before You Read This

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Per a Gallup report released on October 10, 2013, there are way more unhappy people at work than happy ones. Even though the United States has some of the best numbers in the world with 30% being happy in their work, 52% feeling blah, and 18% who hate their jobs, the overall picture may seem bleak. If you’re feeling blah about or hate your job, you are not alone. So now what?

Well, if you hate your job, then quit.

Quit saying “I hate my job!”: Your soul can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. While your current professional path may not be where you want to be headed, having a positive attitude about the potential of your future will better encourage you to make changes.

Quit creating an atmosphere of doubt: The fact that you’re in a job that you don’t like may suggest to your psyche that you’ve done something wrong or somehow failed yourself. I have one thing to say about that. Failure is no indication of your ability. It only suggests a need to change your strategy. Don’t draw conclusions about your ability based upon your failures. Period.

Quit standing still: Making a move towards your desired future is the only sure way to achieve it. Take some time to identify what it is that you want. Start by asking yourself what don’t I like about my current situation? What things irritate, disappoint or otherwise make me upset about my current professional path? What am I doing in my ideal job? What kind of atmosphere do I want to work in? These questions will begin to unlock the search for your new professional path.

Quit commiserating with other people who feel the same way: Much like saying “I hate my job,” gathering and discussing your dislike for and frustration with your job or career path with others who feel the same way gets you nowhere, FAST. If you’re going to share your disdain with someone, make it an individual who can assist you in determining a path for your future.

Quit assuming you have no choices in the matter: I can only imagine what has led you to this point of frustration around your work. However, there may be a few things you can do in your existing job to boost your happy level, until you figure it all out. Start with understanding the goals of your company, department and management/executive team. Otherwise, engage. Next find out what is really important to the organization. Once you have a clear understanding, you may be better able to align your personal goals and values with that of the organization’s. After all, if you need your current job to live, make the best of it until you can make changes.

For far too long, we have been guided into career paths based only upon our talents and/or market needs and “fastest growing fields”, with very little consideration for where and how we operate best. It doesn’t really matter if you love being an accountant if you hate the culture of the company you work for. Understanding yourself and the inner workings of your organization will assist you in creating a better plan for your future.

Hate your job? Quit saying, creating, standing, commiserating and assuming in ways that aren’t productive to you.

Let’s explore your pathways to professional purpose.

Monica Cost is a Personal and Professional Pathfinder, Author of the authentic living book, The Things I Used to do to Sneeze: How to live an authentic life with awesome emotional sensations who provides strategic direction for individuals and organizations. For more information, go to www.monicacost.com.