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How to Own Your Career in 2019


Career ownership is an investment, just like home ownership. Adopting the concept of career ownership will give you confidence, freedom, and joy in knowing that you can determine your career success.

While in the process of creating a professional development workshop, Be the CEO of Your Career, I outlined what career ownership is:

-A conscious decision to take full responsibility for your career journey and never relying solely on others to determine your career trajectory;

-Strategically positioning yourself to reach personal career goals according to your own definition of success.

-Continuously invest in your professional development so your knowledge, skills, and abilities are in alignment with what your industry demands.

Here are four ways to own your career:

-Don’t be afraid to take on different career opportunities. Each experience is designed to teach you something different in order to prepare you for the next one. You’re not obligated to stay in any one position for a long period of time, even if that job seems perfect for you. Sometimes you must force yourself to leave your comfort zone so you can grow forward in a new direction.

-You own your knowledge, skills, and abilities and have the choice to rent your expertise in exchange for payment to employers, clients, etc. You don’t have to accept any and every job offered to you. Be sure to research and know your worth, starting with the minimum and then the maximum dollar amount you are willing to accept for the expertise you offer.

-Continue learning even if you have to pay for it yourself. Invest in books, workshops, conferences, training, coaching, and other resources that will add to your development.

Be careful not to put all your trust into promises made by others because they don’t owe you anything. Remember, while its true you will need help along your career journey, not everyone who appears to be genuinely helpful has your best interest in mind. Therefore, trust your instincts always, and that feeling in the gut of your stomach. Don’t allow your mind to talk you into something different.