'Empire' Star Power: Oprah and Common Set Join Show
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‘Empire’ Star Power: Oprah and Common Set to Join Show

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The No. 1 drama that has had everyone in a trance on Wednesday nights is about to get even better. The show’s creator Lee Daniels confirmed to Access Hollywood that joining the cast for season two will be none other than Oprah and Common.

When the reporter asked Daniels about rumors of Oprah coming to the series, he confirmed, “Yes… She’s gonna be on it.” He also said that hip-hop poet and actor Common would be written into the script. “Common, you heard that first,” he said into the camera.

[Below: WATCH Lee Daniels Confirms He Wrote Parts for Oprah and Common on ‘Empire’]

We’ve seen Oprah in quite a few new roles, proving that she has some serious acting chops, but it was still a shocker for some to hear that the top advocate of “Live Your Best Life” would be guest starring on the show that keeps eyebrows raised. There have been no details released as to the character Winfrey will take on, but many will be watching to find out.

As for Common, he’d previously expressed some interest in joining the Empire. “I see Lee at the gym and they shoot Empire in my hometown of Chicago,” he said to the entertainment source. “I would be a part of it if it was something that was the right character. I’m all about being a part of really quality things.”