How to Temporarily Return to Old Gmail Compose

Want That Old Thing Back? How to Temporarily Return to Former Gmail Compose


The company tops 100 domains, and its index of web pages reaches over 8 billion.

Google goes public with an opening price of $85 per share.

Although Google is known for its April Fools Day pranks, this April 1 proved promising with the launch of Gmail.

Google has announced a new change, and, thankfully, it doesn’t involve shutting down one of the search giant’s popular products. The tech company rolled out a new Gmail compose feature to all accounts on Thursday, and quite a few users are not feeling the change.

With the new compose option, users now have to construct their email in a new window that appears at the top of the inbox; whereas, previously, they were switched to a completely new page.

While Google isn’t explicitly giving users the option to work in the old compose window, Mashable outlines how you can “temporarily switch back to [the] old compose.”

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