NFL Kickoff Is the Most-Watched Opening Weekend Ever

NFL Kickoff 2013 Was the Most-Watched Opening Weekend Ever

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nfl fieldThere may be widespread concern over what we’re still learning about the long-term effects of playing in the NFL, but America’s love-affair with the sport is apparently as fervent as ever.

The league on Thursday said 108.4 million fans watched week 1 games on the four networks. The NFL added that this year marks the fourth consecutive year viewership exceeded 105 million fans.

“For the third time in four years (2010, 2011), three Kickoff Weekend game telecasts topped 25 million average viewers — FOX national game telecast (mostly Packers-49ers, 28.5 million), NBC Sunday night game (Giants-Cowboys, 25.4 million), and the NBC Thursday Kickoff game (Ravens-Broncos, 25.1 million). These three telecasts rank among the seven most-watched shows among all television programs since Super Bowl Sunday including awards shows, such as the Academy Awards, and season finales.”

Week 2 kicks off Thursday; the Jets take on the Patriots at 8:25 Thursday night.