Website Helps Landlords Vet Tenants

New Tenant Risk-Assessment Tool

CoreLogic, a provider of consumer, financial, and property information, has introduced the website to assist independent landlords in lowering tenant risk. Having no minimum and no sign-up fee, rates begin as low as $9.99 for an eviction report including an address history. A more comprehensive report for $34.99 includes criminal search, eviction report, sex offender registry search, terrorist search, and tenant score. The latter is a three-digit score, ranging from 200 (high risk) to 800 (low risk), compiled by CoreLogic, which indicates the likelihood the tenant will pay their rent. Landlords can gain access to potential tenant information instantaneously. automatically generates needed reports such as leases, addendums, and move-out documents. A valuable interactive link on the website is the Rent & Income Tool. Just plug in the property zip code and it immediately yields average rent for one- two- and three-bedroom properties, as well as average monthly household income and monthly applicant income. also offers  special services for landlords of 100-plus rentals.