New Audio Allegedly Captures Darren Wilson Shooting Michael Brown

New Audio Allegedly Captures Darren Wilson Shooting Michael Brown

Image: CNN

In light of Michael Brown’s funeral, which found everyone from Spike Lee to Al Sharpton in attendance, new audio has recently surfaced that allegedly captures the moment when the unarmed 18-year-old was shot dead by police officer Darren Wilson.

CNN aired the unverified recording on Monday night, which followed interviews and commentary about Brown’s funeral procession. The recording was taken from a man’s Skype conversation with an unidentified female. In the background, six gunshots can be heard clearly, followed by a pause, and then several more shots rang out.

A private autopsy conducted on behalf of the Brown family found that the 18-year-old college student was hit six times with bullets, including twice in the head. The man who inadvertently recorded the shots has been told by his lawyer, Lopa Blumenthal, to remain unidentified. Blumenthal also told CNN that her client has already been interviewed by the FBI about the recording.

For those unaware of the situation, Michael Brown is the latest in a string of race-related killings by police officers. He was shot on August 9 after he and a friend, Dorian Johnson, were walking in the street and stopped by Darren Wilson. Reports conflict as to who did what to whom, but the end result was that Brown died as a result of being shot to death by Darren Wilson.

The Ferguson Police Department release video footage of Brown robbing a convenience store of cigarillos. Thomas Jackson, the police chief in Ferguson, said that he wasn’t aware that Brown was a suspect in a robbery and later made the concession that Wilson “made the connection” during the course of the stop. The Brown family attorney has went on the record of accusing the police of trying to “assassinate the character of Michael Brown” to divert attention from his death.

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