5 Money Saving Tools For Small Business Owners

5 Money Saving Tools for Small Business Owners

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Whether starting a new business or you’re restructuring, there are a variety of new tools and platforms that can help make your company run more efficiently and cost effectively. Many services are available online free of charge. Small business owners that learn to take advantage of these opportunities can save a lot of money over the long haul.

Bonnie Halper is the founder of Five Point Networks, a software development company, and Startup One Stop, a growing online community for startups. Here’s a roundup of her top money saving solutions, which she shared with BlackEnterprise.com:

1. Asana


Asana is a workflow and task management app that helps teams to be more productive by making it easier to figure out what needs to get done. The enterprise SaaS business, started by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and early Facebook employee Justin Rosenstein, recently introduced interface “custom fields,” which not only help identify what it is you need to do, but actually how to do it.

2. Shufflrr


Shufflrr is a leader in presentation management tech. It helps enterprises automate the creation, distribution, updating, broadcasting, and tracking of all marketing resources, regardless of file format. With the easy to use format, users can assemble a new presentation out of multiple slide decks with its “presentation manager” feature, ensuring that information is presented in a logical, compliant manner. Recently, the company became a preferred partner of TransPerfect, to help aid in the localization of a company’s brand and messaging across the globe.

3. Saleswhale


Saleswhale automates outbound prospecting for your sales team, and it helps coach and manage your sales development process. Businesses can use this platform to handle sales communications, set up email sequences, track targets, as well as manage accounts and leads. Using collected data, Saleswhale can monitor and analyze the habits of sales reps. It can also provide actionable feedback on how to improve a company’s internal efficiency.

4. DueCourse


DueCourse is a cloud-based invoice financing service that understands how cash flow fuels your business, and how not having access to cash can make or break a small business. This easy to use solution allows customers to securely, selectively, and confidentially unlock the money that is tied up in their unpaid invoices.

The company has raised a seven-figure investment to help build up its team and increase the amount of small businesses it can help and take the hassle out of getting paid.

5. Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is an easy to use, comprehensive set of tools that combines marketing automation, e-commerce, and payment solutions to help a business capture more leads, improve conversion rates, and manage the sales process–all at a friendly price. The company recently integrated its newest solution, “Infusion Payments,” to make it easier for small business owners to increase sales by accepting credit card payments.