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BE Modern Man: Meet “Mr. Engagement” Minister David Street

Name: Minister David N. Street

Profession:  National Director of African American and Faith Engagement for Enroll America

Age: 30

One word that describes you: Driven

Faith, family, and community are the three pillars that set the foundation for what inspires David Street. As the Director of African American and Faith Engagement for Enroll America, Street focuses on maximizing the number of Americans who enroll in and retain health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

As an eighth grader, Street met a man by the name of William Lockridge who served on the DC School Board. This chance meeting had a profound influence on the course of his life.

“Mr. Lockridge spoke to my class about standing up for what you believe in, but most importantly standing up for others,” Street tells BE Modern Man. “I’ll never forget that speech or that meeting. Since then, I’ve always looked for ways to do these two things.”

Always looking for ways to expand and amplify his engagement within the community, Street believes that you must create opportunities for yourself to grow.

“Outside of my work for Enroll America, I serve as the Executive Director for P.E.N DMV, a nonprofit which provides mentoring and soft skills workforce training for young men. This is a labor of love that has allowed me to give back to a city (Washington, DC) that I love so much. When my boys succeed, I succeed and that’s a tremendous feeling.”

As a leader in the community, Street works with fervor to reach his personal and professional goals.

He says, “I know that with God’s grace and a determined heart, that sky is the limit.” “Writing down your goals, putting people first, and most importantly being yourself is how the impact is made.”

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