Mike Tyson on Taxes: 'I Look Forward to Paying Them'

Mike Tyson: ‘I Look Forward to Paying Off My Taxes’

When have you ever heard of someone saying that they are happy to be paying taxes?!?!

Let me introduce you to the new Mike Tyson.

The former heavyweight boxer has been getting his life back in order recently by appearing in movies, TV shows and he currently has a one-man show. He is resurrecting his bad-boy image and getting his life back together.

Tyson recently told Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade that he’s ready to pay his fair share.

“I’m so proud to be in this,” he said. “I look forward to paying off my taxes and paying off my country, because that’s my duty.” He also added, “I know they say that’s legal extortion, but listen, I’m living in this country and if I got to pay taxes, that’s the money that I paid for my life on Earth.”

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