Microsoft Opens High-Tech Store on Fifth Avenue in NYC

Microsoft Opens High-Tech Store on Fifth Avenue in NYC

New York City’s Apple retail store, a work of architectural magnificence–has a new neighbor. Just five blocks down the street on Manhattan’s historic Fifth Avenue is the new Microsoft flagship store. Redmond has gone to great lengths to compete with Cupertino’s New York property.

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The Microsoft Store is the company’s first flagship store. It’s a 22,269-square-feet glass encasement. The building’s design is such that as you walk in, wall joints and attachments seem to disappear. Being in the store is like standing in a free-floating glass capsule.

Comprised of three floors, the ground floor has tables on which sit the latest Microsoft consumer products, including the Surface Book, Microsoft Band, and the latest Xbox consoles including the limited edition Halo 5 Xbox One. The devices are all plugged in and free for people to walk in, sit down, and test out.

Walls are dedicated to some of Microsoft’s hottest products including one teeming with Minecraft memorabilia. An entertainment space on the first floor has a huge flat-screen display, where kids of all ages can play Halo, Rock Band 4 and more.

The store is not all about fun and games. There are more than 160 store employees. 19 different languages, including American Sign Language, are spoken by various employees. They are there to answer questions and troubleshoot Microsoft-tech related issues. Yes, they will even help you install or troubleshoot Microsoft Office on a Mac Book Air when the Geniuses down the street can’t help.

The second floor features a community theater for educational workshops, training, and special events. Local community organizations are invited to use the space at no cost.

The third floor is dedicated to Microsoft’s partner, Dell and is called the Dell Experience at the Microsoft Store. It features the latest business and personal computers from Dell as well as its line of Alienware gaming products.

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