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Michelle and Joe on Families

Michelle Obama and Sen. Joe Bidden discuss families
Michelle Obama and Sen. Joe Bidden discuss families

In a hot Colfax Events Center, which resembles more of a church on a hot, Sunday morning service, Michelle Obama and Joe Biden shared the stage to give delegates and guests at the Democratic National Convention a glimpse inside the Obama-Biden ticket as it relates to the American families. It’s the first time these two have shared the stage in any forum sense presidential candidate Barack Obama announced his new running mate last week.

The message of this Town Hall meeting was showing everyone that American families didn’t want a hand out…. They only wanted a chance. There’s Abby Dart, from Michigan, who is a working mother of five children. When her husband passed away four years ago, she was left to raise her children on her own. And then there’s Shandra Jackson, from Texas, who is a working mother with a 10-year-old son. She was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst in her brain. And then there was Leisha Kiel, from Colorado, who took a break from higher education when her son was born and worked two jobs to provide for him. And last, there was Katherine Marcano, from Iowa, who balances a full-time college student and working to provide for her 17-year-old sister who has cerebral palsy, and their mother, who battles a heart condition. They all share a story that reflects the modern American families. And it’s a subject that tackles healthcare, education, the economy and today’s working women.

Biden is a single parent who understands the struggle that Americans go through, so his presence along side Michelle was particularly moving and it connected with the delegates and guests inside the Colfax Center. Both connected with everyone, seemingly speaking from the heart and off the cuff. There was no prepared speeches or teleprompters, so their connection to the everyday American was a success. I appreciated the candidness of the town hall meeting.

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