Michael Jordan's Paternity Suit Not Going Away

Michael Jordan’s Paternity Suit Not Going Away

michael jordan and pamela smithJust when we thought we’d never hear any more of Michael Jordan’s alleged love child with Pamela Smith, she states she will be refiling the case due to a technicality. As a result of her filing, then withdrawing her suit, MJ has struck back by suing her for his attorney’s fees.

According to the original lawsuit filed, Smith lists her ex-husband as the father of her 16-year-old son, Grant “Taj” Reynolds. The lawsuit was spurred when the young, aspiring rapper posted a video on YouTube last year making the claim that Jordan is his real father and wanted the recognition of being the retired basketball player’s son.

Grant plans on filing the lawsuit, once again, against Jordan, but plans on properly filling it out this time around.

One thing is for certain, we WILL be hearing more.

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