All Things Cannabis at CWCBExpo: Three Day Exposition

All Things Cannabis at CWCBExpo

(Image: CWCB media)

Last week, hundreds gathered at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York for the leading event on the East Cost for the medical marijuana and legalized cannabis industries, The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBExpo).

This 3-day exposition features any and everything from products, to information, to education, to the healthcare landscape, to business, to lifestyle and solutions.

You have caught wind of the projection that by 2020, the cannabis industry will reach more than $35 billion in revenue for entrepreneurs, investors, established business owners and the medical community. This expo is for those who can feel the tide changing and are eager to begin riding that wave right now.

The balance of the CWCBExpo was in the catering to novice, seasoned and interested enthusiasts. There were seminar sessions for those interested in entrepreneurship in the industry including:

  • Starting a Cannabusiness with Low Capital Investment
  • Entrepreneurship & the Future of the Legal Marijuana Industry
  • How I made the Marijuana Industry’s First Legal Billionaire (and how you can get there, too).
  • Investing in a Higher Purpose: How Your Business Can be a Source for Good
  • Make More Money in the Cannabis Industry, while Sleeping Better at Night and Eating Regulations for Breakfast.
  • How to Borrow Money to Fund your Marijuana Businesses Growth
  • Funding, Financing and Investing in Cannabis
  • From Goldfish to Blackfish: How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive in a Sea of Competition

For those who are already in the industry but looking to streamline, grow, optimize, legitimize, and make their existing business more sustainable:

  • Emerging Technology for Cultivation
  • Banking, Payment Processing & Cash Management
  • Distribution of Cannabis Products
  • Optimizing Efficiency in Indoor Commercial Cultivation Operations
  • Professional Liability — “Why Medical Marijuana Business Owners Need This Coverage”
  • IRS Section 280E and Other Cannabis Accounting Headaches
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and National Expansions

…and there really is so much more.

You may be surprised by what you stumble upon at this expo. For example, did you know there currently exists America’s first cannabis college? Well, it’s out there.

The 2007 established Oaksterdam University shared with expo attendees that they are offering courses on cannabis law, politics, history, cooking 101, cannabis economics, science, and policy.

Oaksterdam also offers courses on land preparation, site/strain selection, irrigation, flowering & plant propagation, and electrical safety and lighting.

The university offers 14 week semesters and 2-4 day seminars where certification is available. They have over 150 faculty members and have over 25,000 graduates from over 30 countries. A formal cannabis education—who would’ve imagined?

It may also be difficult to imagine that your pets are now being catered to on the market. As displayed at the CWCB Expo, you may purchase True Hemp chews for your dogs that are said to support their hips and joints, generate calming in your pet, and benefit your dog’s overall health.

The CWCB Expo encourages your imagination to run wild with all that the industry has to offer. Visit to find an exposition near you.

There is much to learn and even more to gain as this industry continues to boom— there’s no reason why we can’t ‘blow up’ right along with it.