Does a McDonald’s Cashier Job Require a College Degree?

Does a McDonald’s Cashier Job Require a College Degree?

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A recent job posting for a position at a McDonald’s franchise that required a college degree went viral yesterday. The ad, which raised many concerns about the value of high education and the direction of job prospects in this country, turned out to be written in error.

Tony Cesolini, assistant manager at McDonald’s of Winchendon, a town near New Hampshire, told ABC News that the college requirement was an error in the job posting.

“We do not require a bachelor degree and haven’t required it in the past,” he said., the site where the job description was listed said the job post was incorrectly filed out with the educational level defaulting to bachelor’s degree. The posting was immediately taken down after the error was noticed.

Nearly half of college graduates in the class of 2010 are working jobs that don’t require the degrees they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get. This is in line with a larger national shift toward low-paying jobs. Three-fifths of the jobs lost during the recession were middle-wage jobs, while three-fifths of the jobs gained during the economic recovery paid low-wages, according to an August study from the National Employment Law Project.