MC Hammer Arrested, Says He Was Victim of Racial Profiling

Slammer-Time! Rapper MC Hammer Arrested, Cries he was Racially Profiled

Rapper MC Hammer was arrested on Thursday night in Dublin, Calif., on charges of obstructing an officer in the performance of their duties and resisting an officer, ABC news reports. Hammer claims he was the victim of racial profiling.

Apparently some sort of heated exchange occurred between Hammer, who is 50 years old, and the police officer after he was pulled over for a traffic stop. On Saturday, MC Hammer, whose legal name is Stanley Burrell, tweeted that an officer approached his car and asked, “Are you on parole or probation?”

MC Hammer said while he was handing the officer his identification, the officer pulled him out of the car.

“It was comical to me until he pulled out his guns, blew his whistle and yelled for help … but make no mistake, he’s dangerous,” MC Hammer tweeted.

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