Maximize Employee Happiness With This Advice

Maximize Employee Happiness and Productivity With This Advice

Happiness and work are two terms that, when put together, some might say form an oxymoron. In our company, we do all we can to ensure that these two words are synonyms for every one of our employees. Employee well-being is important to us, as reflected in our first core value: admire people. But we’ve also found it impacts the success of our company overall.

While the idea of happiness and engagement at work are discussed frequently, the problem for many entrepreneurs is, how exactly do you measure happiness? And once you do, then what? We’ve devised a system that can easily be adapted for your business needs. Here’s how you can maximize employee happiness.

Check in on Each Employee With the Traffic Light Survey

If your company wants to increase profit, they can compare the current period’s profit amount with those of previous periods. Increasing company happiness is no different. You must be aware of current happiness levels to be sure in the future the levels are, in fact, increasing.

To do this, we ask three simple questions each day through an online form that includes a comment section. For the first two questions, employees can choose between options “super green,” “green,” “yellow” and “red.”

  1. What mood did you arrive in today?
  2. What mood are you leaving in today?
  3. On a scale of one to four, how much did you like the tasks you did today?


David Tomás is a young entrepreneur and Cofounder of Cyberclick Group, a leading digital marketing company. He likes talking about decision-making, new forms of creativity, personal and professional fulfillment, and how to build the happiest company in the world, which is the title of his new book. His company Cyberclick was named Best Workplace in 2014 and 2015.

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