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Master P Makes It Happen

Percy “Master P” Miller has been named president of Udub Music, Urban World Wireless’ digital music label. Miller will be responsible for marketing and branding the label as well as recruiting and developing a roster of independent artists. “This is a really big step toward the future,” says Miller, who says he wants to create entrepreneurial opportunities as well as educate the younger generation of artists to be smart about technology and its effect on their lives and livelihood.

“We’re still stuck in the dinosaur days of CDs–I remember when there were 8-tracks, then cassettes, but then there was an evolution.” Today, Miller says, the digital music revolution is “quick-fast,” which can put artists at a disadvantage when dealing with big labels. “Record labels [are] buying the kids’ digital rights, and these young people have no idea what is happening. Young people today need to be educated about technology.”

Miller, 40, says part of his job at Udub will be to expose artists to what goes on behind the scenes in music and technology at all levels. “I’m bringing in entrepreneurs to show artists how to brand themselves. We’re going to show people how to be independent. We will do things like break down the music industry for them so that they can understand how it works–and how they can make it work for them.”

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur is no stranger to technology. In 2000, he launched No Limit Communications (, a joint venture with New Orleans-based Alliance Network, offering prepaid local phone service, long-distance calling cards, and cell phone and Web services.

Urban World Wireless ( is a provider of digital entertainment services that cater to the urban youth market. The company develops, promotes, and distributes mobile content to major U.S. wireless carriers and has provided mobile marketing solutions for a variety of clients, including New Line Cinemas, Adidas, Capitol Records, and Jay-Z.