Malcolm X's Grandson Arrested by FBI

Malcolm X’s Grandson Arrested by FBI

Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of the late civil rights leader Malcolm X, was arrested by the FBI Monday while en route to a Hollywoodism conference in Iran, the Atlanta Daily World reports.

The FBI has not provided the public with any details on the arrest or Shabazz’s whereabouts.

Shabazz, a student at New York City’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice, was born in Paris to Malcolm’s X’s daughter Qubilah. In 1997, when he was twelve, he was charged in the death of his grandmother Betty Shabazz, pleading guilty to manslaughter and arson. At the time of his grandmother’s death, psychiatrists diagnosed him with being psychotic and schizophrenic. He served four years in a juvenile detention center and was released in 2001.